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Feel free to contact us for reservations or if you just have questions about our car rental services. You can reach us by calling 070 6666 950 or emailing us at info@almyab.se and we will make sure to reply asap!

Frequently Asked


Can you guarantee that I get that car I book?

Normally you will get the car you book, but you can also get a similar car in the same class.


Why haven't I received confirmation of the booking?

Before contacting us, check your e-mail spam folder. If the booking is not there, please contact us as soon as possible.


Can I Run My Car Outside

We want you to enjoy as much as possible of the freedom a rental car can give – the road is after all yours.

From Sweden you can drive your rental car to our Scandinavian countries (Norway and Denmark) at no extra cost. However, it is important that you notify this when picking up the rental car so that the insurance applies in the country you are going to drive in.


Will My Car's Tank Be Full When I Have the Car?

Yes, all our rental cars are left with a full tank. You can choose what you want to do when returning. We offer three choices:

1. Fuel Up Front
You can pay for a full tank of fuel when you pick up the car so you don’t have to refuel when you return it. We do everything for you. Smooth and fast!

2. Return with a Full Tank
If you return the rental car with a full tank, we’ll not charge you any extra fees for petrol.

3. Pay upon Return



Can I use my Swedish driving license abroad?

You can use Swedish driving licenses in all EU / EEA countries as well as Australia, Canada and the United States. Many other countries outside the EU also accept the EU / EEA agreements, but if you are unsure contact the embassy or the authority in the country in question.


I want more than 1 driver, how do I do it?

The price varies from SEK 50 per day with a maximum cost of SEK 500. You do this in place when you pick up the car. We want to meet the person who will be added as an extra driver and see their driving license.


Can I book the same day I want to pick up the car?

Yes, it is quite possible if the booking is made at least 2 hours in advance.


How do I cancel?

Cancellation must be before 24 hours, then call: + (46) 070 6666 950.


Do you charge for the booking?

No, the price you see under total rental cost is the price you pay. No extra fees are added unless you have booked any extras.


I rented a car without free miles and drove more than 150 km / day, how much would I pay?

It actually depends on whether the vehicle is a mini bus or a car. If it is a mini bus, then you would pay (3kr * extra km). If it is a car, you would pay (2kr * extra km).

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070 6666 950

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